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Jack Herer Foundation's primary goal is to re-introduce the Hemp plant’s history back into our educational system.

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Earth’s #1 renewable agricultural miracle provides paper, fabrics, fuel, nutrition, medicines and so much more.

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Empowers our youth with new solutions that will take us to a cleaner and therefore a healthier future with hemp.

H  E  R  O
Freedom & Independence

Jack Herer devoted his life to Hemp education. An ever present proponent for re-legalization. For restoring the long lost agricultural and traditional values Hemp brought to human society. He understood long ago what Hemp has done for the community, for commerce and Nutrition. What Hemp's re-introduction will have on the environment and it's multi layered, positive affects on humanity for generations to come.

Jack Herer Hemp Ed & Museum

The Jack Herer Foundation is all about Hemp education. Once the uses and benifits of hemp and its capabilities are known to most, we will then change the world. There is no enemy, just the uninformed.

Hemp History Education

We are in development of a touring hemp education center and history museum. That will be appearing in all hemp venues both large & small, nationwide. Our mobile Education Center and the Jack Herer National Hemp Museum will be a testament to Hemp and it’s continuing legacy on our planet.

“I’m not saying hemp is going to save the world. But it’s the only thing that can.”
Jack Herer

Hemp History Education

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